Transforming Audio into Feature Vectors

Posted on Thu 15 March 2018 in Blog

In this installment, I try to convert audio into something I can put into a machine learning classifier.

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First Steps towards the Proxy Podcast Ad Blocker

Posted on Thu 15 February 2018 in Blog

Podcasts are breaking into the mainstream, bringing with them hordes of ads. Can we do something about it?

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We'll Do It Live!

Posted on Fri 30 December 2016 in Blog

Code at rest is a dreary thing. Worse, it's often ignored. Distributing your lifeless code is nice and all, but running it for others can be even better.

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Ultimate Language Shootout

Posted on Thu 13 October 2016 in Blog

In the ChiPy Ultimate Language Shootout, shooters have 5 minutes to extol the virtues of their chosen (non-Python) language. For the event in October, I chose the Atmel AVR flavor of assembly because I could torture the definition of "ultimate" to point unequivocally to it, plus I could come up …

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